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You say no thanks, what I want is here. No thanks, thank you for my service, but Im here and Ill be glad to take what I need as it comes, I dont mind leaving my personal effects in the storage room, but I want to keep them ready for my job should the need arise. You continue to speak, making gestures towards the door. Go on in if you are ready, if not, Ill leave them here. With the door shut, you turn to the nearest computer terminal and press enter. With a quick turn of your wrist, you access the system, before logging yourself out. The door unlocks itself, and you begin to leave just as the security guard comes to the door. He gives you a small wave and a nod, before you exit the office and down the hall. You walk down another corridor, finding that its just as empty and quiet as the first. As you get closer to the door, you come across a door in the wall that has a small lock on it. Without looking at it, you enter the lock, turning the lock. Good choice, thats one of the four that open that door. You hear the voice say in a deep, masculine voice, sounding almost like Dr. Doctor Kovas, welcome to me, youre a little early. You look down the hall, noticing the same security guard. Yes, its me you say, turning to face the same security guard. Quite, Ive actually been monitoring you for a while now. I got a feeling you were going to be late, so I sent one of my people to keep an eye on you. Well, it was good seeing you, though itll be good to see some of your new people too. This, seems to surprise the security guard as he begins to walk up to you. Despite his manly appearance, you have to admit hes quite attractive. You even think you can make out a faint trace of a deep red lip in the dark glasses hes wearing. But you know you were right about him being a bit on the chubby side when you first met him. Well, I had said good luck today, and good luck to you, Im.

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