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Its just the first day and you already have it set to go. As you head up to your classroom, you are trying to think about other things when your phone beeps. S sick, which means that she needs to go get treated as soon as possible. T want to be away from home for too long and you might not be seeing Mom again. Maybe you are getting too old to be going through this all over. T say, but you know that you have to do this. S also not like you have any other options You take your phone out of your bag and put it to your ear. T really feel up to that right now. You get out of your seat and go out into the hallway. While you stand in the hallway, you can see the silhouette of some kind of vehicle driving down the driveway. You sprint down the hallways as fast as you can, then you sprint again. Re going up them right now. As you run along the hallway, you hear the screeching of tires.

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