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Theyre making another live action Beauty and the Beast movie. Yeah, but this one is getting the best reviews. I think you should see it, dont you. I kinda want my mind to be blown by something else. This is my favorite live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, and thats why I chose you as my date. You dont want to go to the movieI already saw that Beauty and the Beast movie. Well I think I know how to fix that, so come on, you gotta go to the movie. We gotta go see this movie together. You and her are going to see Beauty and the Beast. Look, I know this is the only time youre going to get to do it, but Im just not feeling it. I was seriously hoping the singing and dancing wouldve made it a little more interesting. I dont even like Belle, Ive barely seen her. Look, youve never seen the original animated movie, do you even know about it. The music is great, and Belle is one of my favorite characters. Dont you even notice how much of an improvement they made her in the new one. Shes so much better than Regina in the original. Something about my poor brain has just been fried by this abomination that has been made into a musical. Well, if thats whats making you nervous, well then Ill just go home. But Im not feeling that fun at all yet, so if you dont feel like dancing, then I dont feel like dancing either. I just think we should go to the movies together.

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