Ethiopia is home to more than 100 million people …

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She does a complete head turn to the left and leans up against a tree. S trying to give you both a signal. Suddenly her eyes narrow in what is quickly turning into a scowl. T have you snooping around in my personal life.

The group continues talking about the future until at this point Tulla has become more of a comfortable conversational partner and the others begin to relax a bit too. As the four of you sit around the campfire discussing the best course of action, you remember something that Shrimpy told you. M telling any of you people anything. Re all friends and on good terms now. Suddenly you hear a lot of screaming and shouting. Then suddenly all the lights in the cabin go out and several shots are fired as well. Everyone begins to run and hide and to make matters worse, it sounds like there are more of those things lurking out in the wilderness. Finally you can see a light shining through the trees to the right of the cabin. S out there is bound to be far, if not impossible, to get to. You, Shrimpy and Tulla are the only ones who decide to stay behind. Re going to have to hide out here awhile. You say to her and then you both quickly run back to the cabin. S far wall and the group comes up from behind. Re already telling her to just go with you. You shout and then you start shouting about how you need to get home and that you need to get away from this.

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