ESTJ, extroverted sensing thinking judging, is one of the …

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The MBTI test can be very useful when you are informally asked to assess someone s personality. They can indirectly indicate the type of personality someone has. The movie seems to go on like this: the girl is asked a series of questions, and then another question. Shes in no danger, since its all a movie. No one has to be afraid, until the movie ends. She isnt allowed to choose either of them, because the only choices shell get will be for all of them to be true. But she cant decide, because she just sees them as options in a blank movie. In a world where magic is all the rage, the dark shadow is in its most powerful state yet, ready to consume the world. A group of mages band together to fight the shadow and bring down the dark lord. But will they stand together in time to succeed. This is part two of my series on creating modular structures. In this post I will focus on the concrete and glass block pieces of the model. This model has four different concrete and glass block pieces, 4 total Each is slightly different in how it is shaped to allow for different building heights and different combinations of blocks with different heights. Each block piece is different in size, shape and texture so they actually require different sets of tools to cut and shape. Because of this I need quite a bit of set up time and for me it will take several sessions of cutting, shaping, sanding and polishing, if I do thatEach of the 4 concrete and glass block pieces in the model, on the model below, has a specific job to do. In this particular model the glass block pieces, which were originally meant to be hidden, but are now visible due to the extra windows, are meant to be windows. That means there is one block for each foot of stair.

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