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The ESFJ type will perform well in any job that requests sociability. Me: The only thing you have to do for your application is to show that you are the BEST and most sociable of the candidates. Me: You have to be the best in terms of appearance, speech and social abilities. Me: That means the things you do, be it in the social arena, make others happy. You: What the hell does social abilities mean in this context. Me: The things you can do, make others feel comfortable and comfortable makes others happy. Me: That means being able to keep your friends and your love interest happy. You: The only social abilities I can think of are the ability to keep your love interest happy, make friends and the ability to make friends. I dont know what I am supposed to do with the other abilities. I dont even know if they have any meaning or not. Me: You dont need to worry about them. You finally feel like your heart is being ripped out, but you continue to stare at the application. You try the job interviewYou: I dont see why I should put up with this. I have nothing to show for my two years at home, besides this empty application. Me: You have nothing to show for your two years in this world. You do not know what its like to be lonely. You have not grown out of loving somebody and to be honest, who else is going to do it for you. Who else can keep you happy while you stare at a piece of paper. Who else can make you want to be happy. Who else can show you what is it to feel good about yourself. I know what this application is all about and I do not want this job. Me: Because if you didnt want it, you would not be at this desk right now looking at the application and waiting for me to explain how to apply and what to put on it. You: I want that stupid application to be just the damn thing. I want to be able to look at this place I have been living in for the past two years, and see how much it has.

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