Entry Point: The Best Sex Toys for Beginners

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We’ve learned a lot about ourselves by spending more time at home due to Covid-19. For many, one of these self-discoveries happened in the bedroom: more people than ever are experimenting with sex toys. If you’re still unsure where to start, we’ve gotten our hands on some of the best sex toys for beginners, that could help.

Of course, hesitancy around buying a sex toy is totally understandable after the products’ decades-long taboo. But that taboo is quickly fading. The best sex toys are a healthy means of self-care — not to mention, fun. Some expert studies have found that oxytocin release, which happens during effective self-pleasuring, can reduce stress and even strengthen our immune systems.

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Luckily for any newbies, there’s never been a better time to start experimenting with sex toys. High-quality pleasure products from established brands can now be delivered to your doorstep (discreetly, of course) through major web stores like Amazon and Ella Paradis. Because there is such a range of products, there are now far more sex toys for beginners — whether you plan to enjoy some time alone or with a partner.

What Are the Types of Sex Toys?

Jumping into the sex toy market can be intimidating, but, once you’re acquainted with the different kinds of sex toys, things get much easier. Below are a few major sex toy categories, for both men and women, that we would recommend for beginners.

Vibrators/Dildos: For anyone with female parts, dildos and vibrators are the go-to, although vibrators are almost always better for most people. The phalluses are very straightforward: insert, vibrate on the clitoris, or insert and vibrate for G-spot stimulation. They can be used solo, or as a clitoris-stimulating supplement with a male partner.

Clitoris Stimulators: If you want something more compact, consider a clitoris stimulator. These small devices target the namesake area for non-penetrative pleasure and are good for couples’ use or alone time.

Masturbators: For guys, masturbators (a.k.a masturbation sleeves) are all you need (for the front, at least). They’re fairly self-explanatory, offering a soft, tight place to put your Johnson. Fleshlight is the most famous brand in this department — many colloquially refer to masturbation sleeves as fleshlights — but there are plenty of great options from other brands too.

Prostate Massagers: Dudes are (finally) understanding the pleasure that comes from butt play. Prostate massagers are the best way to do this, gently stimulating the male G-spot for more arousal, better erections and bigger orgasms.

Cock Rings: Perhaps the most common couples toy, the best cock rings allow men to achieve harder, longer-lasting erections by restricting blood flow (don’t worry, it feels fine). Some modern cock rings also feature a vibrator on top for extra clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex.

What Are the Best Sex Toys for Beginners?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade alone time or spice things up with your partner, there’s a sex toy to make that happen. Here are some of the best sex toys for beginners, including picks for men and women.

1. Luna Rechargeable Personal Wand

This discreet, highly-popular wand massager from Luna is a great entry point (no pun intended) for anyone new to sex toys. Materials are safe and soft to the touch with medical-grade silicone that’s waterproof for use in the shower. Vibrations are whisper quiet and diverse: you get 20 patterns and eight speeds for a customizable experience, ranging from gentle to intense.

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Buy:Luna Rechargeable Personal Wandat$29.99

2. Lelo Sona 2

If a clitoris stimulator sounds more your speed, go with this Lelo Sona 2. As with all of the brand’s products, the Sona 2 is a premium toy that’s as well-built as it is stimulating. The device’s mouthpiece uses sonic waves to excite, which means direct contact is not necessary. With 12 vibration modes, starting off at extra gentle, the Sona 2 is ideal for beginners. It’s also waterproof (made of ABS plastic and silicone) if you want to use it in the shower.

Courtesy Lelo

Buy:Lelo Sona 2at$99

3. Better Love Ruby Finger Vibe

Fingers are great, which is why we like this Ruby Finger Vibe from Better Love. The toy simply upgrades your digits with a tiny but effective vibrator for easy, discreet masturbation or partner play. The finger toy is made of soft jelly rubber and doesn’t vibrate too hard, making it another good choice for newbies.

Courtesy Ella Paradis

Buy:Better Love Ruby Finger Vibeat$38.74

4. Womanizer Duo Stimulator & Vibrator

This Womanizer Duo is, as the name suggests, two toys in one. It’s essentially a clitoris stimulator with an attached vibrator, taking care of the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. Both parts can be adjusted individually with 12 intensity levels on the G-spot stimulator, 12 intensity levels on the clitoris stimulator and 10 vibration modes. In other words, whether you’re a sex toy beginner or a pro, the Duo is sure to deliver some satisfaction.

Courtesy Ella Paradis

Buy:Womanizer Duo Stimulator & Vibratorat$209.96

5. Satisfyer Power Ring

Cock rings are a great way for couples to make things more pleasurable (especially for her) and longer-lasting. We like this Power Ring from Satisfyer because it’s simple, well-made and features a clitoris-stimulating vibration unit on the top. Once erect, place the Power Ring at the base of his shaft and enjoy. There are ten vibration modes, and the whole device is waterproof for use in the shower or even submerged in the bath.

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Buy:Satisfyer Power Ringat$29.94

6. Tenga Original Vacuum Cup

Not sure if you want to commit to a masturbation sleeve? Check out this Tenga Original Vacuum Cup. It’s a soft, disposable masturbator that features an air hole on top. This air hole can be covered or uncovered to control internal pressure for a sucking sensation. It also has a clever lubricating system that delivers pre-loaded lube to the shaft as you enter. When finished, just toss the whole thing out (and pick up a reusable masturbator if you liked the experience).

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Buy:Tenga Original Vacuum Cupat$6.80

7. Fleshlight Quickshot

Fleshlight is famous for its flashlight-looking masturbation sleeves, but this Quickshot is equally as good — maybe even better for beginners and couples. Measuring 4.4 inches long, the compact sleeve features a soft interior with Fleshlight’s patented ​​Superskin material. Because it’s shorter, the Quickshot is also great for upgrading oral sex. Plus, it’s waterproof and easy to wipe down afterward.

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Buy:Fleshlight Quickshotat$34.95

8. Tenga 3D Spiral

Here’s a great first masturbation sleeve for any curious guys. The 3D Spiral, also from Tenga, is a single piece of soft, reversible antibacterial elastomer. What you see in the picture — the spiraling nodes — are what you’ll feel on the inside. Just add some lube and you’re off to the races. After you’re done, the reversible, single-piece design makes cleaning very easy.

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Buy:Tenga 3D Spiralat$50.59

9. Lelo Billy 2

If you’re ready to understand all the hype around prostate massagers, try this Lelo Billy 2. It’s the least girthy prostate massager from Lelo and features a tapered shape designed for men. This ensures easy, comfortable entry for beginners. Once inside, you (or your partner) can choose from eight vibration modes to stimulate the prostate.

Courtesy Lelo

Buy:Lelo Billy 2at$139

10. Aneros Helix Syn V

This Aneros Helix Syn V is another great prostate massager for beginners. With a slim build, getting in should be doable for everyone, and eight vibration patterns with three intensity levels allow for a customizable experience. It also has two arms at the base, which are meant to stimulate the perineum for extra sensation (especially once you’re erect).

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Buy:Aneros Helix Syn Vat$99.95

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