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Do you have any better knowledge of them. Sure, theres a couple of things we know, the woman says. Theres the Empires beauty schools are better than anyone elses, as far as teaching, experience, and teaching methods are concerned. You spend several seconds mulling this over, before replying. I mean its nice of you to ask, but really what I need is to leave this place. Im sorry, but I just cant grant your request for now. In the future, when youre ready, you should come back to me. Well then, I guess well have to decide on that point. Really now, I was hoping youd give me a little more time. I mean theres a whole town full of people whod like some of my services and you just say oh fuck it, I need some help now. Its fine if you want to leave in the coming months, but you need to make your decision now, because I wont have any more time to help you later. Well then, I guess well have to leave soon. Goodbye, then, you say, before she leaves. You wait for a few minutes, to see if shell return.

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