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W2 W2Ive never seen the movie so I cant really comment on that, but thats a fairly accurate synopsis. The movie doesnt really have any of the plot holes or plot holes in the characters that you normally associate with those things, but it just didnt have anything to do with me. It didnt have anything, really, which would lead me to believe that it WAS going to be more than just an exploration of the story. I guess thats the thing with most of your stories that they leave you dissatisfied for a long timetheyre just not quite you. I mean they dont really have that special something that youre searching for in a story that you know is supposed to be you. But I have to say, I do find yourself thinking about this story a lot, because even if this wasnt the first time youve written it or the first time youd ever heard of these things, you DID come up with some interesting ideas, so it IS a story worth thinking about in a new light. Also, I love that youre able to make me care about this character and have her so fully relate to my own experience, even though shes the least interesting of the three. I suppose I should wrap things up here because I kinda want to be done with this. I dont have anything more to say about this story except that if you do decide to continue with it, you may want to give it a bit more screen time, because its not going to stay on the sidelines for long. Youre probably not going to want to read this, since its so long, and I have included a TL;DR, because the only reason you werent bored during this whole thing was the fact that it was only five pages long but even though I dont know how youre going to use it, I do think its worth sharing with people. You think back to the first thing you remember ever doing when you woke up from your coma. It wasnt the first time youd been scared, but you were scared like a child. You wanted to run, you wanted to hide, you wanted to hide under the bed. You were just too damn scared. Youd never run from anything like that before.

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