Elizabeth Dean Lail, born Ma, is an American actress…

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You stayYou decide to stick to your promise and you continue to stay loyal to your family no matter what. As you reach your mid-teens you begin to feel a sense of discontent with your own life and you start going out every once and awhile. Ve never thought about going over to the Dark over it. Re all just one big happy family. But I suppose we could all go for a big meal before that happened. You were doing great in your own little world before you came here. My life was in your hands the whole time I was in this house. Re overly fond of your other companion either, but hey you always thought this all might happen eventually. You were always the calm in the chaos side of things and it was only natural to get attached. The first thing you do every morning, is to check up on your family. You find yourself talking to Elizabeth as you walk through the forest.

Post about Celebrities born in 1992