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On any given day, more than a dozen American teenagers are getting their hands on a gun. Thats a higher rate than any other developed country, including some that rank much lower on the Human Development Index. How did the United States emerge from a decades-long period of gun-control paranoia to become one of the most firearm-dominant countries in the world. Why does the gun-control debate in the United States continue to be dominated by people who see guns as villains rather than tools. Why arent our political leaders doing more to curb gun violence and the deaths it generates. The Violent Video Game TheoryThere are a number of possible explanations for the rise of the American gun culture, the two most common ones being video games and the Internet. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that video games are causing any sort of spike in violence. There is some research suggesting that they can increase aggression in some, but this is hardly evidence for a broad causal effect There is research suggesting that the rise of the Internet could be playing a role in the rise of the gun culture. But this theory is extremely controversial, being dismissed as conspiracy theory by many researchers. In fact, it was this very theory, advanced heavily by a number of academics, that was the source of the claim that video games are directly causing gun violence. A group of researchers from the University of Sydney published a report in the prestigious academic journal Personality and Individual Differences that examined this idea in great detail. Their findings, however, were less conclusive than the original research claiming a causal link. The impact of violent video games on violent behavior remains contentious. We have not shown a causal relation between exposure to violent video games and hostile or aggressive behavior. The results suggest that the relationship between violent video games and aggressive behavior is likely to be indirect. This result is consistent with a handful of other studies, which have reached similar conclusions. For example, a study in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that the more exposure to violent images and characters.

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