Duchess Kate is being praised by stylists for doing a center part with straight hair

Are we devoting yet another post to the Duchess of Cambridge’s hair? I guess. Kate really has changed up her hair in recent years. Sometimes she’ll backslide and do sausage curls, and sometimes she’ll just plop her half-wig “fall” on the back of her head without blending. But in recent months, Kate has been copykeening Meghan’s hairstyle, because of course. Granted, Meghan is not the first woman to do a center part with long, straight hair. Many women do that. But it feels notable that Kate rarely did her hair like that until recently. And we know perfectly well that Kate has an extremely creepy Meghan lookbook. Well, look at Kate, getting credit for wearing her hair just like Meghan:

While she no doubt has the world’s best facialists and beauty advisors on speed dial, the Duchess of Cambridge has discovered a fuss-free way to rock more youthful appearance – with a simple change of hairstyle. Kate’s bouncy blow dry has been her signature look, ever since she first joined the royal family a decade ago, but on recent engagements, she’s been sporting a sleeker style with her hair elegantly tucked behind her ears. The style was first spotted on the Duchess during her royal tour of the Caribbean and at the time, it seemed like a clever way to beat the frizz in humid temperatures. However, she’s carried on the look at home, most recently while presenting the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design at the Design Museum in Kensington last week.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Lily Jeffreys, Senior Stylist and Colour Technician at Taylor Taylor London explained that Kate wearing her hair tucked behind her ears is a subtle way to open up her facial features. ‘Tucking the hair behind the ears also helps to make her cheekbones and jawline pop, showing off her luminous skin and bringing attention to her eyes, which really elevates her face and gives her a youthful glow,’ she explained.

Similarly, Master Stylist Nick Willis at Charles Worthington Salons has also noticed Kate wearing her hair straighter, longer and with a centre parting. Nick said: ‘She is effortlessly tucking her hair behind the ear for a sophisticated yet casual look. This Seventies longer hair vibe is massively on trend for summer, it’s easy to maintain and looks classy for any occasion and on Kate is sheer elegance… ‘By tucking her hair behind the ear, Kate is revealing her strong bone structure. This is a great trick to show off your eyes and cheekbones and in turn is a fabulous anti ageing tip.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m pretty sure that a lot of time and fuss was devoted to how Meghan’s center part and long, straight hair was disrespectful to the Queen and “against protocol,” but I won’t bother to look up all of that sh-t. Suffice to say, the British papers are going to continue to praise Kate for copykeening and style-stalking Meghan. Also: I don’t even think this style is all that flattering on Kate. Yes, it’s easier for her and it’s probably less time consuming. But I actually think Kate looks younger when she has a fluffy, wavy blowout (and shorter hair).

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