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You click OKYou dont have much time. A few hours remain, and the only way to get to the front is if you can knock someone else out and grab their costume. You take out the costumeYou grab your outfit and costume and head outside to see if your mom will let you wear it. After checking with the other kids, she lets you in for the night as long as you promise to stay inside. As you walk out, you see a long row of kids of various ages dressed in various costumes. Some are dressed as characters from video games, and some in their real life costumes. You get ready to knock someone out and grab their costume. You knock the other kids outYou walk up to one of the other kids dressed as a soldier and yell your plan out loud. The kid turns and sees you and his eyes light up as he runs to meet you. Can you get that kid in the row behind me. You point to the row ahead and the kid nods. You knock the other kids out You take a deep breath. You grab one of the kid and throw him against the wall as hard as you can. The kid starts screaming in panic and drops on the floor. Your mom is quick to grab a dress of the kid you tossed onto the floor and the kids parents run over in a panic. You run over to your mom and grab on to her as you all run outside. You all stop running when you hear the crowd begin to scream. It seems to be the parents and kids that came to the ball on the other side. Someone has already knocked out the parents of the kid you were playing with. You look around and see a group of two adults throwing the kid you were playing with into the crowd. The parents are struggling and yelling while trying not to get hit by the falling child, but it looks like someone is holding the rope around the childs ankle. You knock out the parent closest to youYou grab the parent closest to you and pull him away from his child. Your mom yells at you to let go of her. You let go of my momYou let go of your mom and run over to the parents. One of them grabs a nearby chair and begins hitting the parents with it. The parent screams before they get beaten to a pulp.

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