Drake Pokes Fun at Randomly Angry Poets for Criticizing His New Book

The Grammy-winning rap star proves that he couldn’t care less about the criticism surrounding his new poetry book, ‘Titles Ruin Everything: A Stream Of Consciousness By Kenza Samir and Aubrey Graham’.

AceShowbizDrake has caught wind of criticism surrounding his new book, “Titles Ruin Everything: A Stream Of Consciousness By Kenza Samir & Aubrey Graham”. Proving that he’s unbothered by the comments, the Canadian rap star poked fun at “randomly angry poets” for offering their two cents.

The 36-year-old offered his clapback via Instagram Story. Sharing a photo of the late Canadian sex educator Sue Johanson shrugging, he penned, “Randomly angry poets: blahagaggagegsvachjsksyavsvvehevehebwgabvqvqqvwvwv,” adding, “Me.”

Among those who weren’t impressed by Drake’s new book was MacArthur Fellow recipient Hanif Abdurraqib. “None of these strike me as poems, because they’re not even attempting to push against any unknown in order to offer something revelatory or at least somewhat beautiful,” the poet said, according to Complex.

“Some of these are so absurd that they’re actually funny,” Hanif continued. “But it’s hard to tell if he also understands that they’re bending into absurdist humor, and understands that there will be people who find it profound? Or if he’s convinced himself of the profundity.”

Despite the criticism, Drake still found support from his friends. One in particular was DJ Khaled, who said in a video where read the excerpts, “The boy different… The minute you think you figured out the boy, the man writes a book.”

With the book release, the Grammy-winning emcee teased a new album called “For All the Dogs”. Members of the press who received their copies early revealed that the front cover of the piece contains a picture of two puppies with a caption that read the album title.

According to Complex, “the image serves as a QR which takes you to a landing page announcing drake has an album on the way.” A source further told the outlet, “While there is no release day we’re inclined to think this image in the book will be the communication point for ongoing updates.”

Drake, in the meantime, said in his note, “I made an album to go with the book.” The “Certified Lover Boy” artist then stated, “They say they miss the old Drake girl don’t tempt me. FOR ALL THE DOGS.”

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