Donald Trump Is So Addicted To Twitter He Made His Own – And It's ALREADY Been Hacked!

Donald Trump REALLY misses his Twitter account!

On Wednesday, the former President announced that he created a brand new social media network called TRUTH Social — which looks pretty much exactly like Twitter! We mean, exactly like Twitter…

Oh, and hours after making the announcement, before the site had even publicly launched, it was already hacked!!!

In his announcement, the former Cheeto-In-Chief blustered about fighting against the “liberal media consortium” and “the ‘Big Tech’ companies of Silicon Valley.”

Whining endlessly about the tech world in the release statement for TRUTH Social and its new parent company, Trump Media & Technology Group, The Donald said:

“We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced. This is unacceptable. I am excited to send out my first TRUTH on TRUTH Social very soon. TMTG was founded with a mission to give a voice to all. I’m excited to soon begin sharing my thoughts on TRUTH Social and to fight back against Big Tech. Everyone asks me why doesn’t someone stand up to Big Tech? Well, we will be soon!”

Blah, blah, blah…

Whatever Donald! (Although that “your favorite American President has been silenced” line is a particularly vomit-inducing passage…)

Still, the story here isn’t Trump’s new social network — which is 1000% sure to fail because it’s run by Trump — but the fact that within just two hours of that announcement, TRUTH Social had already been exploited and hacked!!! Seriously!

Daily Dot journalist Mikael Thalen took to Twitter to explain how he found the site’s unannounced public access point and used it to create a fake profile for Trump! As Thalen revealed on Wednesday night (below), the quickly-discovered site URL allowed sign-ups even though the site is not officially “open” yet:

That’s a seriously wild (and super amateur!) loophole that we didn’t even know was possible in the year 2021!

As Thalen surreptitiously registered the username “@donaldtrump” on the new site, Washington Post tech reporter Drew Harwell was doing something similar by creating a fake account for former Vice President Mike Pence, as you can see (below):


Who is running Trump’s teach team, the people from Four Seasons Landscaping?!

Thalen then did a deep dive into the hackers who almost immediately figured out how to sign up for Trump’s not-yet-launched social media debacle. It all came back to the name of the new company behind the app, T Media Tech LLC (below):

Such amateur s**t! Seriously!

The hackers clearly had some fun with their fake profiles, too. One troll who registered the username “@donaldjtrump” used it to post the infamously and hilariously grotesque “pig poop balls” meme:

Internet culture is something else, isn’t it? LOLz!

The TMTG team finally did something right in the aftermath of this (very public and immediate) hacking news, first disabling new sign-ups for the site and later taking the whole thing offline.

Still, TRUTH Social will be back soon. It’s currently available for pre-order on the Apple App Store, and it’s supposed to do its (real) beta launch in November. According to TMTG’s statement, a nationwide rollout is expected to come in “the first quarter of 2022.” We can’t wait to not sign up and completely forget about it. LOLz!

Obviously, it’s a terrible look for Trump’s new alternative to Twitter. If it’s this vulnerable before launching, WTF is going to happen to users who sign up for real and share their data with the site next spring??

It’s also legitimately hilarious how his team wasted time and energy creating… an almost-exact replica of Twitter. There are plenty of different options for social media, but Trump was clearly so addicted to his Twitter, the one he’d been active on for a decade, that he just couldn’t help himself.

BTW, in addition to TRUTH Social, The Donald is also planning to launch a subscription video-on-demand service called TMTG+. That service will “feature ‘non-woke’ entertainment programming, news, podcasts, and more,” according to Trump’s team.

So basically Trump is launching a s**tty Twitter clone combined with a s**tty YouTube clone?! How was this man ever President??

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