Donald Trump blasts Rihanna’s Super Bowl debut as ‘epic fail’

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Rihanna, 34, returned to the stage for the first time in five years to perform at the legendary Super Bowl Halftime Show. Earlier this week, the former president of the United States savagely critiqued the singer, claiming she had “no talent”, and continued his barrage once the Grammy winner left the stage.

Donald Trump, 76, lashed out at the singer over social media platform Truth Social earlier this week and followed up with a brutal review of her performance on Sunday evening.

The business mogul declared Rihanna’s halftime show to be an “epic fail”.

He wrote: “Rihanna gave, without question, the single worst Halftime Show in Super Bowl history.

“This after insulting far more than half of our Nation, which is already in serious decline, with her foul and insulting language.

“Also, so much for her ‘Stylist’!”

Earlier this week, Donald declared: “Without her ‘Stylist’ she’d be nothing. Bad everything, and no talent!”

The pair have notoriously been at loggerheads for years, with the singer telling Vogue in 2019 whilst Donald was still in power: “The most mentally ill human being in America right now seems to be the President.”

However, fans and NFL viewers largely seemed dismayed at the singer’s performance too.

Fans set high standards for the singers’ return after seven years without a single concert, but many were left highly disappointed, blasting her outfit, choreography and even the staging.

The criticisms began at the very start of the show as fans took aim at Rihanna’s lacking dramatic entrance.

Rihanna appeared on top of a floating stage, with mic in-hand and began singing almost as soon as the camera panned to her.

Many fans compared the floating stages to the Netflix series Squid Game, while others joked that it had been the cause behind local UFO sightings.

Turning their attention to the singer herself, while she belted out fan favourites like Umbrella and We Found Love, viewers were evidently underwhelmed with Rihanna’s stylings as they dubbed her outfit “frump” and “boring”.

Another wrote: “Rihanna just headlined the Super Bowl and did absolutely nothing. No outfit changes. Kicked her legs around a few times. Leaned over once or twice. Walked down a runway. Held a mic. Sat down.

“Truly iconic.”

The singer also had a fair amount of supporters, with countless fans noting how happy Rihanna appeared throughout the performance.

One fan sweetly noted: “My favourite thing about Rihanna’s super bowl performance is how much fun she genuinely looked like she was having

“The little smiles and giggles – she must have missed performing like this.”

Countless fans showered Rihanna with compliments saying she “was amazing as always” and others begging for the singer to have “more stage time” amid the football game.

Another joked that the Super Bowl is “not about who wins or loses, it’s about the Rihanna concerts along the way”.

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