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Photo Celebrities who are in the process of dying of dementia but are getting better. There is also a photo album of celebrities with their children or family members. This would be a good time to tell them about it and how you hope it is going to be for them. The door opens and you see a large man from behind. Goodbye my friends, and have fun in the new world you are all about to enter. I will see you around he says and closes the door. You close the door and then remember how long it has been since you had a bath and you head over to the bathroom to give yourself a good scrubbing. Your family and all the people you had relationships with are in your head right now. A few are smiling back at you and you can feel the love for each other. Another few are sad or angry you left them as a child. You know how much they have depended on you and the fact that you didnt go out and you didnt have a good reason for not coming back, means that you feel like they are going to blame you for not returning. It hurts when your mind tries to blame you, but you have had enough of that. You are going to go back to your life in the future as you always did. You time to go backIt has been quite awhile since you have been out of your room and the bathroom. You grab your favorite clothes you brought from home and head back into the living room. You grab one of the bags and head into your room. You take off your clothes and put them on the floor in the closet for now. You put the bag over your head and start to walk back into your room. You hear the front door open and then the sound of a key in a chain that is attached to the door. You have been nice and I will see you around. The man from the closet says as there keys are slipped into your hand. A moment later and you are led in the front door. You look around and see everyone looking at you. Lets go see if the front door is unlocked or not then we can all go back out and in some of the cars and houses. If the kids are still out there, we can do more digging. One of the kids says and everyone else nods. You go to the vehiclesYou head over to the vehicles and look at the ones that are unlocked or unlocked and not in use.

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