Dodgers Advised to Quarantine for 2 Weeks By Health Dept. Over Justin Turner Test

The Dodgers are “working closely” with the L.A. County Health Department after Justin Turner tested positive for COVID … and officials are advising an immediate team-wide quarantine.

TMZ Sports spoke with Health Department officials who tell us they’ve already been in contact with the champs and have issued recommendations on the next steps “to prevent additional exposures.”

The Dept. is wishing Turner a speedy recovery … but reminded the slugger that he — like anyone who is COVID positive — MUST quarantine until they beat the virus.

But, they’re not just singling out Turner … the LACDPH says any Dodgers player or staff member “who has been a close contact of a person who has tested positive for the virus for 15 minutes or more over a 24 hour period must quarantine for 14 days.”

Since Turner got up close and personal with most of the team during the World Series celebration — even packing in close for a team photo — the suggestion is everyone needs to isolate, ASAP.

As we previously reported, the Dodgers boarded a plane and flew back to L.A. on Wednesday.

Here’s hoping they follow the recommendations and stop the virus from spreading any more than it already has.

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