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Plus-circle Add Reviewcomment ReviewsReviewer: Aja2 – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – OctoSubject: My first time. Ill be honest with you guys, I saw this a long time ago on TV with a friend and have always been curious about its origin. But I also cant speak for others when I was just starting out. When I went to the Netflix website and downloaded this movie, I was blown away I had never seen anything so fantastic. I cant really put it into words but I just want to say that if it wasnt for this movie I wouldnt have any of the music Im listening to right now. I cant believe that Ive never seen this before. Its not just one of the best movies to ever come out, its one of the best movies in general. It is a film that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. It is truly one of the best movies that have ever existed. As far as rating this movie, I would give it a 910. I dont think I could have ever seen a movie like this before. And the fact that I wasnt even familiar with it before makes my rating even higher. I hope that you guys are able to check this movie out. Reviewer: kimberlycat – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – JSubject: My 1st ever time. When I first heard of this movie, it kind of scared me. Its like your classic Disney movie for kids. You can tell it was a labor of love since theyre all so good. I thought it was so great, at the time, that I never actually watched it until the last week I was at college. My one problem with it is that I was so into it I didnt actually listen to it until I graduated and was on my own and going on with life. So I didnt listen to it much while I was in college and it was a big disappointment.

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