Disney Princess Returns To Work in Pandemic With Social Distancing Gigs

Disney princesses are returning to work in the middle of the pandemic … but they’re not going back to Disneyland … they’re hitting the road to do social distancing gigs for kids.

Here’s how the folks who dress up as children’s favorite Disney characters are earning a living these days … performing from 6-feet away, and traveling with a social distancing enforcer!!!

Check out this video of a mermaid-themed birthday party in Tustin, CA for 6-year-old Summer … the family hired Ariel, and she’s singing from behind a velvet rope and hitting the notes from under a mask.

The ‘Little Mermaid’ was booked through a party company that we’re told is charging an additional $50 for a “distance friendly” staff member to tag along. Ariel, by the way, charges $135.

Ariel’s coronavirus bodyguard makes sure everyone at the party socially distances from the mermaid, enforcing distancing during everything from song and dance to photo ops.

As we reported … Disney princesses and characters were hit hard at the start of the outbreak, but now it looks like they’ve figured it out and adjusted to the new normal. Oh, and the “distance friendly” staffer is a textbook definition of job creation!!!

This tale has a happy ending … we’re told the kids loved Ariel even though it wasn’t a typical party folks are used to.

Take that, Rush Limbaugh, young folks really can adapt to the coronavirus!!!

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