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EmailShare on FacebookMozilla has made an official announcement, but has also given a heads up via a blog post announcing the Firefox 57 Public Release. This is the last version of the browser released before the next major iteration; Firefox 58, which is still expected to release some time in April. Firefox 57 brings a number of new features, most of which we were expecting to see for a long time. We are, however, pleased to see many of these features made more obvious. For example, there has been a marked improvement to the new Firefox Sync feature. This allows Firefox users to automatically sync bookmarks, passwords, browsing history and add-ons. While Firefox 57 may introduce a few new features, these are largely hidden by default. Firefox is the only major one, and it only introduces these options when the user requests them. It is worth noting Firefox 57 was released just months after the release of the Firefox 60 update, which brings some new features in-name-only. Other new features added in Firefox 57 include a faster JavaScript engine and a host of minor bug fixes, particularly in the security area. It should, however, be mentioned some new security features were not introduced by default in Firefox 57. These include the Do Not Track preference or the Firefox Hello voice-recognition feature. Firefox 57 is also the last version of the browser that will run on Apples OS X operating system. Overall, however, Firefox 57 is a generally good release. It should be noted that Mozilla has announced a plan to stop releasing Firefox updates as-is on June 20th. This means the next major update likely wont be as good. Firefox 57: Mozilla announces Public Release Mozilla BlogsRead next: Twitter just made a few changes that should improve your Twitter experienceBy: Heather SeebachPhoto by: The Mountain GoatsToday is my birthday. Id be lying if I said I wasnt a little excited, despite my mothers warnings that its only the 6th grade but then Im a big kid. I was born on a Thursday and Ive gotten very good at pretending Im in a class where Im only 7 years old. I got sent a copy of The Mountain Goats newest album, Victory Records, by my grandfather. It looks like the album is going to be out in a few weeks on Blue Rider Records, and I think its a great choice if thats the case. The Mountain Goats music and lyrics make me cry. I cant sing, so I usually make up words and try to make.

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