Disney and Nickelodeon created hundreds of child stars…

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Nickelodeon was the first channel to include child-friendly programs in their line-up, and they have also been the first to put out a ton of children who were on their channel before they were on any other. They still have the most children on their channel with the following:21. Fox NickelodeonFox first got his start on Nickelodeon when he was just 9. He would go on to star in his famous TV series, The Facts of Life, and make several other notable roles. M, which focused upon all-things-tru, like truss-making and all that. The show was created by McCallister and his brother Peter McCallister. Julie Newmar NickelodeonNewmar, who first began her career on Nickelodeon, first became famous with her role on the cartoon, The Mighty Carrot. Marky Mark NickelodeonFor a short period in the mid 90s, when she was on the show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Marky Mark was the most popular Nickelodeon star, thanks to his catchy song, Lets All Go To The Rapture. He also starred in several other shows. Mark Wahlberg NickelodeonHe is best known for his movie roles, the Fast and the Furious series and The Wolf of Wall Street He also had a stint on Nickelodeon. Bill Paxton NickelodeonHe was in a bunch of shows, but his most noteworthy roles were in The Flintstones and The Jetsons. Will Arnett NickelodeonHe has been on Nickelodeon since day one, but there was a long-running trend of him doing a bunch of voice-overs on the series, Mighty Mouse. John Stamos NickelodeonStamos has been on Nickelodeon since the shows first season, and for a long time, she had him as a recurring character, the guy who would fall down the stairs and get up and try to clean. Adam Sandler NickelodeonSandler starred in a bunch of TV shows, such as The Waterboy and Grown Ups. Tom Snyder NickelodeonSnyder starred in the series The Addams Family.

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