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Hmmm, Huda is so pretty with the same dark eyes. She would probably have to move out of your apartment by now. S had, she probably prefers a bit of solitude. D do if she finally got married and got married to somebody. The thought of that has made you feel very anxious lately. T exactly looking forward to a divorce, either. T feel like spending money on getting a puppy. Dogs that sit on your couch all day. You walk into the pet store and see a cute little dog and a pretty girl, but nothing else. You feel sort of weird and awkward so you leave. A few days later you get a call from the shop owner. M going to charge you like everybody else does. S just I just need a little more info first. So um, my name is Peter and I live in this abandoned warehouse off of 7th street. S in the same direction you just went.

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