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NWi- 0 You tell him to waitAs you approach the entrance of the room, you pause to ask the guard if he thinks this place is safe. It shouldnt come to that if it is a safe place but if she had to come here to find you Im sure it would be for better than the sewers. It would be better than going to the sewers, but we dont know where we are. Then we need to get inside the mansion with our wits. Dont you think you need a key. Lets get inside with our wits and Ill get you a key, okay. The guard looks at you and then back to the door and the light of the lantern. Fine, but we have to get inside with our wits. You run ahead and lock the door behind you and then continueGood idea. You continue to run forward and then run ahead of the guard, which gives you complete freedom now. The guard gives chase but it is not until you are nearly halfway to the door that the noise of the door opening and closing turns you around and the guard slams into you. The guard steps back and looks at you with his head bowed. There are guards all around the first floor. The only option is me walking outside to the left and down the stairs. That sounds like a good idea, Ill get you inside. Youre walking faster than a guard is likely to let you go. You run ahead and he takes you around the cornerThe guard catches you outside and leads you around the corner where he says there are guards and then opens the door for you. You start walking down the stairs and the guard keeps walking at your side in case you get lost. He leads you to the front room and then follows you to open the door for you.

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