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You,know yourself and you I know you will get good results here. I am sure you would love it if you I am so excited to finally add these photos to the site. I am still waiting for my new album to arrive today, so I can finally get some deep winter pictures. I have been a fan of the album so far, but the colors are not for me and I need to be able to wear all the other colors. I think you can wear the warm colors with the cool colors or the cool colors with the warm colors. I know I can wear the warm colors but not the cool colors, I think I need to look at the warm colors in the daylight and the cool colors in a sunlit room to make sure I get what I need. My favorite photos are the ones taken with the natural light of the deep winter season, which is my preferred color scheme. Maybe you could show photos taken with an artificial light source when you get them. I think I am having so much fun with this set so please add more photos, it would be great to see others who have this look. Best,TanyaHi Tanya,The photos that are already posted on the site are the color photos that I took in our back yard this past winter. These shots are of course much warmer and brighter then your photos, but I assure you I would love to see them all. Best,KevinHi Kevin,My name is Tanya and I am a great admirer of your designs. I am sure you will be pleased to know that I have been enjoying working on a deeper winter set for quite some time and have now finished my first photo album. This was a great project for me to have fun with and the photos I took this month are of my favorite photos. I am loving working with the deep winter set as it has been giving me the perfect light of day and dark nighttime photos are always amazing to look at. I know you said you would love to see more photos taken with the artificial light source when you get them, but I am hoping you will allow me to use a natural light source while you are out of town and that is why I have decided to ask to take the photos while I am out of town this month. Again, thanks so much for all the fun that we have had together and the photos of our outfits. It has been a very fun month and I hope you will appreciate them when you get them. I love the colors and how you have used a variety of them throughout the photos.

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