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You notice that the calendar on the wall is showing the beginning of the year. While in the past you might have simply closed the window and thought about the day to day life of the residents in Gloom, now you know the calendar is a little more than just a simple way to keep track of the passing days. You close windowsThere are far too many things happening outside to bother with a simple look at the calendar as it is. You need to keep your mind occupied elsewhere if you are going to stay sane. That way of thinking didnt just come to you, you believe it was the only logical one. However, what if there are other, more dangerous ways to view the day. What if there is some sort of evil force at play on the world that we cant see. What if there is an entity out there that is trying to stop the growth of these new cities that you saw. What if there is a being out there that is going to lead these cities into an eternal state of war. You keep looking outsideYou have found a safe way to keep your mind occupied and still see everything that is going on. Youve got your blinders on and cant see everything, but you can still see enough. While you are looking outside, you see a figure near the entrance of the underground. You can see the figure slowly walking along the ground and holding a cane. You can see another figure in a similar position near the far wall. You cant help but think that that figure could be you, but you need to keep focused on your task. T be anything out there that would try to stop or hinder your progress in Gloom. You need to keep looking out and focusing on what you can see. The more you look out for signs of something out there, the more you see. You see a figure standing near the far end of the building in the direction of the tunnel. S a tall, thin man with pale skin and dark hair and wearing a long gray coat.

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