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My name is Not After the Sun Lyrics. You see young Belle is in your way. You feel a little guilty and sorry for the beast, but something more is pulling at you. Something that you have to get done and then the music will stop. The beast approaches you and your heart starts to beat a bit faster. You try to stand up to attack Belle, but you cant and she stabs you several times. The beast slashes at you several times with its claws, only to get caught by the ribbon on your wrist. The beast is holding your body in a grip that could break bones. You see the beast release your body while still holding on while closing one eye closed in sheer fury. You feel an immense amount of pain on all the places you used to hurt, your body is still in agony and the beast is still releasing you. You are being killed in front of your house, nobody cares about your well-being and youre completely at its mercy. You are being attacked by your best friend and the one who is supposed to be looking out for you. You stare at the piano and try to think of anything that you need to say. The old man suddenly speaks and starts playing on the piano as if you were really there. Hello, my name is Charles and Im your new guardian. The music starts to flow and you dont forget a single thing that he said. You dont know how many days it has been but at the moment youre really thankful that you have the new memories you have since the old memories vanished. Im so lucky to have this chance at new memories. You think while smiling and feel the music flowing through you. You sit there and start to dance and play along with the music for the rest of the weekend, youve never really danced before but the rest of the people have complimented you on your dance moves so you think youre pretty good, youre just so surprised you never thought it would happen so soon. This was so much fun, you cant wait to see Belle when her brother comes back. You also dont have any bad memories from before you got here. You know that you cannot keep this up forever, but with this new life that you have right now, its never too late to make a change.

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