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You see that in the distance, the sign of the old mans shack stands out against the white snowscape of the mountainside, framed by the gray peaks of the mountain range beyond. You head back up to the shackNo need to linger here any longer. The old mans shack is the only place here where it makes any sense to be. You could stay at the lodge all night, but you could just as easily stay here for as long as seems to you to be necessary. The old man would have no reason to bother you there, and you could at least spend your time getting your bearings as you move along the mountain. You head up to the shackThe shack is at the top of a steep trail, with a small wood-burning stove in the center. The door is shut and bolted, and the latch is a small wooden ring with a ringbolt hanging on the other side. The snow is deep, and you can see only a few inches of clear, fresh air. The shack is at the top of a steep trail, with a small wood-burning stove in the center. You could turn back and continue on the trail down the mountain. Its a steep and rocky trail, but you should find a better way down the mountain to the lodge than by heading north along the trail. The snow is deep, and its getting dark, but you can see that youre heading in the right direction. Youve passed most of the trail markers for this area, but some are still clearly visible in the snow, and each one will help you on the way to the lodge. Your legs are getting tired, and you can hear voices in the distance on the other side of the snowy mountainside. You pass by a broken branch and begin to climb up the slope of the mountain. The wind is blowing snow and rocks down the slopes ahead of you, and the mountainside is littered with large rocks and crystals, many of them broken. On top of this mountain, the sun is setting, and you hope to find a place to camp before the night is lost to snow.

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