Dawn O'Porter remembers Glastonbury festival with late friend Caroline Flack

Dawn O’Porter reminisced on the good times she had with Caroline Flack at Glastonbury festival.

The 41-year-old shared a sweet throwback picture with her late pal and BBC Radio 1’s Gemma Cairney as they all smiled at the camera.

She shared how the annual festival – which was cancelled this year due to the global pandemic – was where they had ‘the most fun’.

‘Thanks @gemagain for posting this picture,’ the TV presenter wrote.

‘The best of the best times. Glastonbury is where we had our most fun. All week I’ve been imagining us there.

‘We must be grateful we did it at all, rather than be sad we won’t do it again. If those fields could talk… such memories ❤️.’

The Love Island host passed away aged 40 on 15 February this year.

Dawn paid tribute to her friend back in April and opened up on her loneliness after Caroline took her own life.

Dawn, who is married to comedian Chris O’Dowd, took to Instagram to share a sweet snap of the two taken during an event that was important to her.

The writer explained: ‘This was a big night for me. Caroline showed up, as she always did. I keep waiting for it to feel easier.

‘It doesn’t. I guess this is just a feeling that a lot of us have to live with now. Grief shouldn’t feel lonely when so many billions of people have felt it, but still it does.

‘Maybe that’s because no one can replace what you lost, and everyone is someone different to everybody else. Caroline meant a lot to me.’

She went on to say how much Caroline meant to a lot of people ‘in a lot of different ways.’

‘Because she was special. That laugh. That humour. That loyalty,’ Dawn continued.

‘I miss it all. To think she didn’t even know about any of what’s happened to the world. ‘She’d still have worn her stick on nails in isolation, I bet. I miss you my love 💋💋💋💋💋’

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