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These traits are highly attractive because they are a form of vanity, self-interest and avarice. In addition to these traits, some people are capable of having some degree of trust, compassion, and altruism. However, some of the traits are so self-enhancing that they cause them to be the first to place themselves above others. This can lead to conflict within the inner circle and a lack of self-discipline on behalf of those within the circle. This can often lead to a loss of trust and an inability to act with others in an equitable way. The Dark Triad is the most common of the personality traits that have been studied, but the study of the other traits is still in its early stages. The Dark Triad is the foundation of the three self-serving personality traits. It is interesting to note that these three traits were discovered by Napoleon Bonaparte and Robert Greene, two men with little or no personal experience with life.

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