Danny Trejo Slams Ex-MLB Star Adam Jones Over Ketchup Tacos, 'Nothing Worse'

Taco expert Danny Trejo is going OFF on Adam Jones for slathering his Cinco De Mayo treats in ketchup … telling TMZ Sports that’s THE WORST condiment a person can add to a taco!!

“You can do taco-anything,” Trejo says, “but not ketchup!”

Jones — a 5-time MLB All-Star — posted a pic of his ground beef-ketchup delight on Tuesday … celebrating the fifth of May while defending his choices for taco toppings.

“It’s my plate,” Jones said. “I eat them how I want to. Ain’t a specific way. So gracias.”

But, the owner of Trejo’s Tacos — a SUPER-popular taco joint in L.A. — tells us Jones is dead wrong for putting Heinz anywhere near the tortillas!!

“The reality is that you can put anything on a taco,” Trejo says, “but ketchup goes on a hot dog!”

In fact, Trejo says he’s so appalled by the move … if he saw the food crime go down in real life — he’d buy the person’s dinner just to make sure no ketchup touched the tacos!!

So, sorry, Adam. Machete has spoken.

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