Dan Stevens may have been an unruly child, but he still played Macbeth …

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The two best friends had a little fun with the new Disney classic over the weekend, but as the weekend progressed, the couple got more serious and thats when tragedy struck. The following is an account of the events leading up to the tragic events that occurred on Sunday night:Dan Stevens and his girlfriend, Emma Watson, got caught up in a brawl at El Capitan Theatre on Sunday night. Dan Stevens, 25, and Emma Watson, 22, were both taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. Dan Stevens worked for Apple and worked on the new feature film Beauty and the Beast, which was shot on location at El Capitan at the time of the brawl. Dan Stevens was not working on the film this weekend that he was shot. Dan Stevens is a huge fan of Disney and has been for years. He had been dating Emma Watson for about a year. Emma is a huge Disney fan and was in love with Dan, even before the two moved in together. Dan and Emma were married a year ago in a small ceremony in their home state of Tennessee. As you can see, this tragedy has hit the entire entertainment world hard and it is the loss of Dan, Emma and their friends that have left most people in Hollywood and worldwide in complete shock and mourning. A GoFundMe page has been set up by Dans friend and fellow Disney lover Adam Gessner to help with funeral costs and other costs that will come with this tragedy. You can donate to this GoFundMe here: Please share this tragic incident with all of your Disney loving friends. ComUpdate: Two days after this story was originally posted, reports have come in of Dan Stevens body being found in his home. The Daily Mail reports: Dan Stevens, 22, a computer programmer from Tennessee, had been missing since the weekend when he failed to show up to a party. A group of Muslim men from Britain left a mosque in Leicester on Thursday after a row over the behaviour of an elderly worshipper. The men, wearing full face veils and all wearing knitted full-face black garb, entered the Muslim Welfare House and announced that they did not want to be identified. One of them also went on to declare that they were going to cause trouble. They said they were concerned that the elderly man, referred to in the media as Abu Ahmed, was getting on in years and needed professional help for problems such as dementia.

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