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In fact it was the first thing you remember hearing him say, so you have to assume you were in a room full of white people before he said that. However you dont realize it at the time, but you were being culturally appropriative of him, you were also doing it to be a fucktard. You dont believe you are a fuckin fucktard because youve always been a little smarter than a lot of people, but as a white person youve never been treated as a cool individual. You never had a cool childhood, you dont have friends you can relate to, you were always a loner. As a white individual you never had cool hobbies and interests, and for some reason when white people act like that, theyre given respect and admiration, but when black people do the same thing, theyre called ignorant. So thats where you are, in a room full of white people who arent like you and have no respect for you, who have no respect for you either, you arent white enough you find yourself feeling like a cultural appropriator. And thats when you use the same exact thing that the stereotypical black person would use, The N-Word. Its not like you didnt expect this to happen, but you dont realize how much until it actually happened. Your reaction is very typical black reaction to someone who uses some of those words. You react in anger and frustration, and then you yell at them about what a fucking racist they are for using the N-Word. A lot of the people dont react in the same way, because they dont actually want to be racist and theyre very upset that you felt the need to use it that way. Youre so pissed that you try to take the rest of your stuff and storm out of the room, but then the door slams shut and thats when everyone sees it. The rest of the people who were at the party immediately look at you. Most of them are pissed, but some still try to talk to you. They didnt invite you, you didnt invite them. The only thing that didnt get better was when your mom saw this outburst on camera and sent it to your dad. Your dad was in shock about what he saw on TV.

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