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You dont botherThere is no point in wasting time with you. M a free agent, can you give me a job. T even know John was into all this. S not a bad looking guy, though he does seem very fit. Well I guess you could join our team then. Well can you even lift anything. Well no actually, not really though. T even touched a barbell or a weight plate for that matter. I suppose not, I just thought it would be cool to meet some kind of character like that, so we could practice fighting each other and stuff like that. D love to have an extra pair of hands around here. John takes the application back and gives you a cursory glance, but quickly dismisses it before you can ask him any more questions. S any Crossfit gyms to be had in the city, or even the nearby area. I mean you could definitely join the team. S more of a friendly competition between the gym and the citizens. You say not really caring as you take some paperwork and head to the door. You walk outside and hear Shrimpy talking to a couple of gym goers. Oh hey there Suzy, just finished up with our workout.

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