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If I Can Only Feel Pain, But Love Is Absolute. You hold the needle tightly against your skin, in an attempt to stifle the pain, but to no avail. You let out a pained, shrill scream as your throat is cut. Im sorry, but youre going to have to be my guest. You stand up and walk further into the tent, hoping to leave without anyone knowing youre leaving. You feel like you need to say something to Donna, but that might just be a little too intense. You find her sitting in a chair by the fireplace, quietly reading a book. You think she might have left the room when you arrived, but now shes sitting in her chair, her back leaning against the wall. She doesnt even look up when you enter, which you find surprising. Your voice sounds like its a little tense as you ask. You cant say you werent expecting the question. Im sorry, I thought I heard the front door open. I mean, you didnt look up at all when I came in. Just a little nervous about leaving my tent. You look around at the small, sparsely decorated room. You stand up and move to the bookcase, opening it and stepping through. The bookcase has a few shelves, but nothing particularly interesting. You find a plain black book on your table and open it. In it, you find a faded, well-worn map of some place you cant find on a map. It has no names on it, just a few symbols and lines, but you cant quite make out what they mean. The symbols are small and in many places you can barely make out the shapes. Eventually, you recognize a few of the symbols, but you cant read them or make out any of the words. The map looks like the ones they give you before you go on patrols, though its not a good quality. You dont recognize it, and its too small to make out any landmarks in the.

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