Craig McLachlan Tried to Kill Himself Following Sexual Assault Allegations

The ‘Home and Away’ stars claims he hit the rock bottom and attempted suicide as he was in despair after he was accused of sexually assaulting fellow actors.

AceShowbiz -Australian actor and singer Craig McLachlan has revealed he tried to commit suicide after being accused of sexual assault.

In December (20), the former “Neighbours” star was found not guilty of indecently assaulting actors during the production of a hit musical. But the impact of the allegations caused him to consider taking his own life as he explained in a preview of an interview for Australian TV show “Spotlight: Horror Show“, airing this Sunday (16May21).

In the clip, McLachlan admits he felt as though his family and girlfriend Vanessa Scammell would be “better off without me.”

“I thought I’d experienced some rock-bottom moments in my life, but nothing comes close to this,” he said. “Really at that point, all you can think about is (that my partner) Nessie is going to be better off without me. My family will be better off without me.”

“I’m not afraid to talk about this because I’m hoping it will help people who have been in similar situations. I’m loath to talk about it on the other hand, because I believe (some people) will celebrate this. They will celebrate knowing that (I was almost) condemned to such a painful purgatory.”

“It comes to a point where you realise that… there is still stuff to live for. In the end, you’ve got to make the decision.”

The interview also sees Scammell admitting she checked her other half into hospital as he struggled with his mental health.

“It is actually hard to articulate the horror of what’s happened to us. I can’t put into words every day, every night. I haven’t slept for three years. I still don’t sleep,” she said.

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