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The C in Comedians indicates that theyre conservatives and the C in Republicans indicates they are Republican and the R in Republicans indicates they are Republicans who identify as Republicans. A few more:Alessandro JulianiBrad PittBryan CranstonCharlie SheenClint EastwoodDrew CareyDonald TrumpDouglas BruntEd Begley Jr. George TakeiHugh HefnerHugh HeiermanJay LenoJohn ZornKevin PhillipsKurt RussellLauren BacallLouis CKMarilyn MonroeMick JaggerMichael DouglasNick CarterPhil DonahueRick JamesRob ReinerRoseanne BarrSeth MeyersSteven WrightSteve MartinTom GreenWendi KnightWillie NelsonWill FerrellAnd then there are the names you never knew about:Carol BurnettDonna HayLinda WellerWilliam F. Michael MooreTina BrownWillie NelsonWill Arnett You begin to think of celebrities who have endorsed Trump. You have a little bit of disposable income and if this election continues to slide into a disaster for your country and you feel its important for you, your values and your beliefs, your personal life and your own career then maybe its time to speak out in your own way. You are free to decline any invitations you might receive to this Caucus of Conscience. If you choose to go, you can play the game where you do your part and try to get as many in your preferred direction as possible. You might be able to get more than you think, you might even sway some people without any name recognition or support. You might even get a chance to get in front of the crowd of the ones who would actually listen to you. You are not going to go home if you cannot at least try to influence the direction of this country. You are going to try to influence the best way you can. You attend a local Trump-supporting eventThere are a few Trump-supporting events that occur locally every few days. There might just be a Trump-watcher or a Trump supporter at the.

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