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You look over at the door, and notice it is being worn down slightly. You remember something about the dovahkiin telling you to take it down. Re going to have to find it eventually and that you need to find out more about yourself in the process. You search the tunnel for the tunnel entranceYou head off into the forest. You hear lots of birds chirping and frogs croaking, and you dont even know why, but the sounds of nature seem to draw you to it. You can hear the sounds of the forest all the way to the center of the land down there. There, you see a large, round rock, sitting in the center of a circle of lush green grasses. You also see several smaller rocks, one of which is bigger than the rest. Re going to be working with, so you head over to it, but that only seems to attract more grasses and vines. Re slipping into a giant pit filled with water. Every time you try to reach out for it, it slips away. You notice that there are also small rocks in the vicinity of the circle of grasses and stones. You grab them all and hold on to each one as tightly as you can. Once you have all of them, you hold them up towards the sun, as close to you as you can, so the grass can catch up with them. Nothing happens; the grasses and rocks stay as they are, staring at the sun. You begin to feel nervous again, worried that perhaps there is something wrong with the rock, but there is no way to confirm that, so you head back into the clearing to look for something else. A squirrel steps out from behind a bunch of flowers, looking at you. Her bright yellow eyes scan your body as she peers at your groin and then back at your face. She then looks across at the large rock sitting in the center of the circle of lush grass.

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