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Youll also find a lot of the-new -comers at the market you might be interested in and a-list-of beauty products. You decide to start by checking out the first stall at the market, and thats the one furthest to your right, down on the main road. A quick glance at the signs on the door and you find that Lace Fashions Supplies is in fact a wholesale hair and beauty supplies supplier, and has been for several years. As you approach the stall, the proprietress turns to greet you, and gives a friendly, familiar wave. My name is Dawn, and Im your partner in this enterprise. Ive noticed your uniform and the bulge in your pants make me think weve come to the wrong place. Dawn follows you to an open door in a wall behind the stall and gives you a polite nod of thanks, before following you inside. A short time later, you find yourself in a small office where Dawn is still sitting at a desk. But trust me, well be hiring a few more people soon, and then we can be open to the general public. In fact, I imagine we would be open now, as opposed to having to apply for a business license. The law requires businesses that sell beauty and hair products to be at least a registered one, and were confident that you were operating in full compliance with that requirement. But enough about licenses and registrations, lets talk about what we have to offer. You see whats here for saleFlowing robes of bright blue silk, with patterns of tiny golden pearls. We have one of our designs here, to the right. Wed like you to take a closer look at it for us. Were especially pleased with how these robes fit the tone of your skin, and the subtle color of your hair. You continueWe are one of the few suppliers that specialises in what we call multicolored silk, which means our robes feature the finest silk, as well as a myriad of colored designs. We take special pride in our creations: we dont simply copy some other manufacturers samples, we take our time to ensure that our robes are always true to the very best pieces. Of course, these pieces are a little on the small side to serve the needs of a person of average size, so we do have a small size chart on the wall.

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