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If your family can survive for the rest of your life in this life, you can survive this life. You cant live without the people you love. Youre not sure if youre strong enough for the job, but at least youll know what to expect. The choice is yours:You wake up from a deep sleep. You hear the noise again, but you cant be sure if its coming from the north or the south. You take a look around, and discover the source is to the south. Its a small hole, but in the center is a glowing black substance like oil or tar. You wonder if thats where you woke up. You grab your Colt and start to get up. You hear the noise again, closer this time. Youre fairly certain its coming from that direction, so you take a look. There are two other holes, just like the one that you woke up in. The bottom one looks like a deep pit, but on the top is a glowing black substance like tar or oil or some such. Youve been in two of these holes in the last hour, both to the south. The substance is the same, though its blacker than the pit in the bottom-left hole. You cant tell if its oil or some other flammable substance; its so dark you cant make out the substance. There are others like it in the darkness, but the black substance is the darkest and most solid. You grab your Colt and prepare to shoot the first glowing substance, only to hear the noise in the distance. It seems to be coming from the north, but it could be coming from anywhere. You can only hope its not coming from the south. You look at the bottom hole and see that its now glowing an intense green. Its about half the size of your fist and glowing so bright you cant look away. You grab your Colt, ready to shoot the green substance, but you soon see whats in the south-east corner and realize that its your family. The substance is glowing a duller green but still red, like the sun, which is very bright but not bright enough to light a room.

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