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Collateral Beauty, 2016, Synopsis, Release Details. Collateral Beauty, IMDb: Collateral Beauty 2016, stars: Olivia Wilde, Oscar Isaac, Michael Pena, James Marsden, Shiloh Fernandez and Alexander Ludwig. Collateral Beauty will premiere on Decemin the United States. Collateral Beauty, IMDb: Collateral Beauty 2016, is also directed by David Gordon Green. SynopsisCollateral Beauty, IMDb: Collateral Beauty 2016, tells the true story of a team of CIA agents who risked the lives of their own family to save hostages in Iran during the hostage crisis of 1980. Its a story about what happens when men and women with their lives on the line choose to do the right thing even when it means putting themselves in harms way. Cast and crewOlivia Wilde as Jane, a CIA agent assigned to Beirut;James Marsden as Edward Kirby, the team leader;Michael Pena as Edward Kirbys son James;Oscar Isaac as Mikey Kirby, an American hostage;Shiloh Fernandez as Marie, Maries daughter;Edward Asner as James brother Jack, a CIA special operations operator assigned to Beirut;Alex Mack as Gary Mills, an FBI hostage negotiator assigned to Beirut;Haley Joel Osment as Elizabeth, Elizabeth Kirbys wife;James DArcy as Jimmy Kirby, Jimmys son;Mackenzie Gray as Marjorie, Marjorie Kirbys maid;John Carroll Lynch as Dr. James McRoberts, an American physician from New Orleans assigned to Beirut;Drew Zahn as Dr. Henry Miller, a British physician from London who volunteered as one of the first doctors to leave Lebanon to help the hostages;Lorenza Izzo as Anastasia, a Russian journalist who accompanied McRoberts to Lebanon to interview the hostages and McRoberts wife Elizabeth, who later divorced him. Collateral Beauty, IMDb: Collateral Beauty 2016, is based on the true story of the Collateral helicopter flight in 1974 that almost resulted in the killing of Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Charles Keating. Cast and production crew:Director: David Gordon GreenWriter: David Gordon Green, Screenplays, Producer: Andrew J. Ladewski, Jr, Cinematography, Editor: Chris D. McCarroll, IIMusic: Mark Mancina, Original Music, Soundtrack: J.

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