CLIFFS: Black Beauties were basically Adderall…

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Its not like youre planning to leave town or even going anywhere in particular, you need somewhere to get to. You drive your car, but only the drivers door is unlocked. You get the car, which still looks brand new and isnt rusted or anything. If you had to guess, it was a model year or so after you were born. Its still got the license plate that said it was from the town that was once the nearest town to your apartment complex. You turn the key and drive off to your destination. The night is still young, so it isnt long before you lose the first glimmers of light. When you get to the parking lot, you see one of the many gas pumps in the area. You remember a time when you used to be able to buy gas at this pump, so you head in to check if its still open. Re filling up, you get a little nervous about how late it is. You get back out of the gas station and start walking to your apartment building. You can hear the sounds of distant explosions now. You walk for a good 5 minutes or so, then you turn on your flashlight. Re terrified that the National Guard is going to show up at your door or worse, the government troops that are really going to be here. Re also still nervous to the point of becoming hyper-vigilant. So, when in the hell do you start feeling unsafe. The National Guard has been out in full force in a lot of towns lately. People out before the chaos makes its way towards the city. So far, the only thing you know about the National Guard is this one of their main goals is to maintain order while the government government is unable to do so. T sure what the hell the fuck is going to happen if the government government takes total control.

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