Clean beauty is quite intense: It means a non-toxic …

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It can do so because it, is purely intended, beauty. Pure and natural processes that help yourself and help yourself. You continueYou continue to apply your cleaner. The more you do it, the more you like it. Your skin is clean and you feel its better looking. You just want to put it on as much as you can before you head back to the party. You notice that you have a slight burn in some places, but you cant stop applying the cleaner. You can feel the heat from your body as it heats your skin to even your skin tone. You see your skin begins to slowly turn paler. You take a quick look down to see your hands are completely white in the night. Its just a little pain, but you feel as if your whole body is being affected by the cleaner. You can even feel the heat leaving in your fingertips. You look down and see your face has begun to feel dry as if it doesnt have much oil left. Your nose isnt quite as red as you remember anymore either. Your entire stomach is feeling itchy as if you were going to vomit. You can see yourself beginning to go into convulsions. Or how the hell am I going to live without my skin. You begin to hear the sound of running water outside. You try to hide in the bathroomYou hear the bathroom door open and close and open and close. The voice continues to speak to you and you feel a hand squeeze your shoulder. T wanna be alive without my skin. You wait until you hear the bathroom door close, then you leave.

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