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Here are 10 actors we dont want to see on our website. Here are some of our favorite chubby male celebrities. Lets look at a few of the photos of these men in various states of undress to see that yes, they really ARE chubby. Owen WilsonIt is important to note that there is a huge difference between being chubby and being a chubby male celebrity. The chubby male celebrity is usually the object of ridicule and thats a terrible feeling, and they should be ashamed of themselves. The chubby male celebrity has been called a fat ugly boy who is an attention seeker and that is offensive to the person they are in real life. The chubby male celebrity is trying to fit in, but its not working. They are acting out their worst tendencies and that is causing them to be unlovable. Now imagine you had a crush on a chubby man. Would you feel embarrassed because you have been given an unfair picture of them. A lot of chubby male celebrities are chubby for reasons other than their body type. They are chubby because they are insecure or they are naturally chubby, they just dont know it yet. Many of them are in denial about what they are like and thats fine. But, in your case, you are in denial about something really serious. You may be a chubby celebrity, but you are not a chubby man. When people make fun of your body, it feels like a punch to your gut and it hurts. This hurts your self esteem and your confidence. If the people making fun of you dont change, they are going to continue to hurt you until you snap or until you just die. There is nothing else you can do at this point. You have a choice: You can continue living on a constant low self esteem or you can be proactive. You can change your life to become what you really are, or you can continue to let people give you a hard time and not make a change until they dont anymore. Here is the important thing to remember, there is nothing shameful about being a chubby male celebrity. I know thats difficult for you and you may not believe this, but it is true. These chubby male celebrities are just like everyone else, and in fact, being chubby is much better than being unattractive. The best thing about chubby men is they are often willing to do anything.

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