Chris Evans wanted to wear nappy for Virgin Radio return: ‘Not a look but a great vibe’

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Chris Evans, 54, has been absent from his own Virgin Radio breakfast show for a couple of weeks after having to undergo surgery for kidney stones. He was joined on-air on Monday morning by his urologist Mr Jeetesh Bhardwa, to discuss the operation and his recovery and Chris revealed he had to sport some rather fancy underwear while he was on bed rest.

I was going to keep a pair on for today and just pretended that I still needed them

Chris Evans

Addressing his loyal listeners on his first show back, he thanked Sam Pinkham who filled in for him while he was away, branding him a “super supporter”.

“He was very keen to see my grown-up nappies that I have been wearing and I have to say it’s not a look, but it’s a great vibe,” Chris admitted, giggling.

“I was going to keep a pair on for today and just pretended that I still needed them but I thought that would be very bad karma because I don’t need them anymore.

“But it’s been a bit of a journey, let me tell you!”

Chris went on to explain exactly what happened after experiencing a pain that became so severe he had to go to A&E.

“We thought we smashed the show, knocked it out of the park, and then on Saturday, it all went very pear-shaped,” he said after finishing his stint on Friday two weeks ago.

“I ended up in A&E on Sunday morning at two o’clock. I called 111 and thought I had sort of ‘man pain’, I thought I had trapped wind.”

He revealed doctors kept him in for a couple of nights straight away to ensure his condition didn’t worsen, and he was given a CT scan.

“After I arrived, they knew what it was straightaway or what they were straightaway,” he laughed.

“The kidney stones are no more.

“All three of them have been comprehensively annihilated!”

Kidney stones can develop in one or both kidneys and most often affect people aged 30 to 60, according to the NHS.

They’re quite common, with more than 1 in 10 people affected.

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It can be extremely painful and can lead to kidney infections or the kidneys not working properly if left untreated.

While Chris was away, Sam reassured listeners that the radio DJ was doing well and recovering at home.

He said last Monday: “If you’ve just tuned into us here on Chris Evans’ radio show, he went into hospital over the weekend with stomach pains.

“It turns out that he had kidney stones. He’s all sorted and he is back at home now.”

He continued: “He is taking the rest of the week off and will be back with you on Monday.”

Sam then read out the headlines and came across one that he believed Chris would enjoy a lot.

“If Chris Evans is listening, he is going to love this,” he chuckled.

“Researchers have objectively assessed that having kidney stones is more painful than being in labour.

“Women that have gone into labour and had kidney stones have said the latter was more painful.”

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