Chosen Jacobs & More Dish on Their Fashion at Sneakerella Premiere BTS Video!

We have a behind-the-scenes video from the premiere of Sneakerella!

The stars of the new Disney+ movie stepped out on a rooftop in New York City on Wednesday (May 12) for the premiere of the new flick, which is out NOW.

“Fashion is living art. It’s the one piece of art that you live and follows you everywhere you go,” star Chosen Jacobs shared. “My favorite shoes are Air Force Ones. We have some customized ones right here, with some silk laces, very cool touch.”

Click inside to see the video and hear from more of the cast…

Lexi Underwood also dished on her outfit.

“For me, I wanted modern Cinderella vibes. All the colors that Cinderella has, but with a little bit of Lexi in it,” she said.

Check out the BTS video from the premiere right here for more from the cast, and be sure to go watch Sneakerella on Disney+ now!

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