Chloe Goodman devastated as cervical stitch is removed 21 weeks into pregnancy

Chloe Goodman is 'absolutely devastated' after doctors warned they would need to remove her cervical stitch just 21 weeks into her pregnancy.

The stitch was inserted in a bid to prevent prevent preterm birth, following the removal of half her cervix when doctors found cancerous cells four years ago. The Ex On The Beach star's unborn baby has not yet reached the age of viability, leaving her fearing the loss of her child.

Opening up to her followers on Instagram, Chloe wrote on her story that she was “absolutely devastated” the stitch would have to be removed as it was the “only thing keeping baby safe”.

Writing to her baby, she said: “I promise I'll do everything I can to get you to survival weeks my darling. Another operation to get through but we've been here many times and we will get through this one. My heart is breaking.”

The 28 year old had a successful cervical stitch during her pregnancy with one year old daughter Isla, who she shares with fiancé Grant Hall.

The couple then announced last month that they were pregnant with baby number two.

Cervical stitches, also known as cervical cerclage, help strengthen the cervix to prevent miscarriage or preterm birth.

Chloe was able to have a stitch for a second time to support her current pregnancy, but now needs to have it removed.

Chloe explained: “People have probably wondered why me and Grant have been quiet this pregnancy compared to when I was carrying Isla and it's because we are in really uncertain times and unknown waters as the surgeons haven't dealt with the problems I'm currently facing with getting this baby to survival weeks."

Babies born after 24 weeks are considering viable, though some premature infants have survived from 23 weeks. A full term pregnancy is 40 weeks.

Chloe had the second procedure just a few weeks ago and, while the first one was reasonably smooth-running for her, this one left her feeling like “[her] internal organs had been in a car crash”.

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It was after the surgery that Chloe was told that she wouldn’t be able to have the stitch again; something which she described as “bitter sweet” because she and Grant only wanted two children, but not having the option to have more children was difficult to hear.

Despite this, Chloe said she was grateful to have the opportunity to be able to have children, and encouraged people to go get their smear tests.

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