Chloe Ferry calls fire brigade after getting toe stuck while naked in bath

Chloe Ferry, 26, had her evening plans ruined after calling the fire brigade while she was in the bath.

Chloe called the emergency services after getting her toe stuck in her bath board while having what was supposed to be a relaxing dip.

As to how her toe got there, Chloe explained on her Instagram story that she thought it would be “comfy” to place her toe in the small gap in the bath board, but ended up getting it stuck.

The ordeal is thought to have taken place at her £1.1 million home in Newcastle.

The Geordie Shore star went on to explain that she was stranded in the bath for three hours before getting help and, while it was a “quite scary” experience, she’s now doing fine.

Sharing a photo of her stuck toe on Instagram, the 26 year old wrote: “If you think you’re having to bad day Just look at me! I thought I would be having a nice relaxing bath only gone and got my toe Stuck in this bath board now I’m having to ring the Fire Brigade to get it out and I’m lying here naked in the bath so much for a nice night in.”

Chloe didn’t get a lot of sympathy from her celeb mates, with the likes of Amelia Lily, model Callum Izzard, and Too Hot To Handle’s Chloe Veith commenting with lots of laughing emojis.

Meanwhile, others suggested that TV star used conditioner to try ease her toe out.

This morning, 7 October, Chloe gave an update on the situation and addressed the messages of concerns people had sent her. Laughing, she said: “I’m alright. I’m fine. I’m here today.”

Chloe went on to say that she got the board off her foot.

“It was quite scary,” she continued. “Last night, I was in the bath, my phone was on 3%, my toe was stuck, it started going purple, my skin was going like a prune. It was just a lot for one human to take in.”

Chloe has already seen the funny side of things, however, and went on to say that the ordeal is a story she’ll tell her grandchildren one day.

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