Chloe Cherry Burns Her Lips With This Concoction to Plump Them Up

In a new interview, the adult movie star who makes her TV debut in ‘Euphoria’ dishes on the secret to her plump lips without getting fillers or injections.

AceShowbizChloe Cherry makes her lips look plump with cayenne pepper. The 25-year-old actress says that even though it “really burns,” she achieves a fuller lip look by mixing Capsicum powder – which is most commonly used to spice up dishes like chilli con carne – with Vaseline before wiping it off.

“I use Vaseline with cayenne pepper, and it works really well. Get a little cup and put some Vaseline in it, mix it with cayenne pepper, and put it on your lips. It really burns and plumps them up, but you have to wipe it off,” she told Popsugar.

Meanwhile, Chloe – who has appeared in more than 200 pornographic films but made her TV acting debut in the role of Faye on hit HBO drama series “Euphoria” – went on to add that “shaking” her kips for a matter of seconds leaves her able to enjoy a kiss and revealed that since making launching her career as a drama actress, she has learned from the on-set makeup artist to tone things down when it comes to her make-up and has a new “routine” after seeing herself on the show.

She added, “If you just shake it for eight seconds and then let it dry on your lips for a couple of minutes, it’s totally kiss-proof. It will even stay shiny. I used to like orangey reddish glittery eyeshadow, a ton of highlighter, foundation, and [I would] fill in my eyebrows a lot bigger.”

“I used to do a lot more. Makeup artist Alex French taught me how to do really good no-makeup makeup. It’s basically become my routine because after seeing myself on the show, I was like, ‘Oh, that actually looks really good.”

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