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Please feel Free to send me your ideas for the movie in the next few days. Lets make New Horizons a chillest movie in the world. The movieAfter a few days of communication and research, its very clear that our movie idea is the best. Its the only one that fits the tone of the story we need to tell and we cant do anything else with our lives, with our lives to make something else. Its still a little too early for us to start writing, but we have a very strong feeling about the movie. It will be a very different movie from the books, like the books are. We havent decided who were going to play the famous characters yet, but it should be a group effort. Weve got a few ideas about the characters, but we really need to start writing the script. As you probably guessed, its going to take a little time before were ready to write and record the music, but then it will happen soon. After weve finished writing and recording everything, we can start looking for actors, or rather, the best actors. Weve got a few actors in mind:David CarradineDavid Carradine might be the most well-known actor from Chile. Hes the most famous Chilean actor nowadays, but hes been playing characters in American movies for a long time. Hes so prolific and versatile that he could play any role in the movie. Paul MuniPaul Muni was one of the first Chilean actors to become a star, thanks to films such as Citizen Kane which really introduced people to the world of Latin culture. Since then, hes performed in over thirty films, and his most popular role would have to be as El Turco in the famous Sergio Corbucci crime film El Mariachi, 1935 His most recent projects include the role of El Grupo Blanca in the classic movie El Sombrero Duro and the role of El Gavilan in the Chilean film Fantasia. Edvard MunchEdvard Munch is a classical Danish artist. He has made art works depicting surrealist imagery, human psychology and other subjects that cannot be related to art or to art history, but the public loves the art works. Hes a very successful artist, who has received many awards, but most importantly, is one of the most popular artists in Denmark. Gianfranco RenzulliItalian film director Gianfranco Renzulli is one of.

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